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Who We Are

We are passionate, experienced business people that help companies bring their products and services to the rest of the world. We work with you bringing new ideas to market and bringing existing ideas to new customers.

Helping you get your
First Sale is our First Priority

What We Offer

Market Analysis
We start this process by really getting to know about the product or service you want to bring to market, then we dive deep to evaluate the multitude of opportunities and obstacles.

What you end up with is a detailed analysis of what the market is for your product or service including where you should sell it, which channels and customers are most likely to buy it, and how much you should charge for it.

G2M®: Go to Market Strategy
Once we know the key market or markets, we work with you to design a strategy that will optimize the launch of your product or service.

The result is a detailed plan for how to get to market, the most efficient path to take, and the tools you need to get you there effectively.

1st Sale®: Customer Acquisition Plan
Is there anything more important than getting the new customers?

Now that you know the market and have a strategy for getting there, we help you prioritize the first points of entry, where to focus, and what needs to get done to make that 1st Sale®.

Channel Penetration and Sales Management
We’ve also been known to help you penetrate your target channels when we can add value to that process.

From building out the sales/distribution network, to working with key accounts, to managing the sales field, we’ve been there, done that.

What We're Good At

Ever heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”? We know what we’re good at and where we can help you. While we’re always interesting in getting to know new people and seeing where we can help companies, here is what we are best at:

  • Consumer Products
    Stuff that consumers buy, we know how to make it sell. B2B or B2C, online, brick and mortar, TV, direct selling, catalog, and more.
  • Technology
    Hardware products for business or through businesses for consumers, equipment and instruments, electronics, computers... you know techie type stuff.
  • Software
    Wait, isn’t this technology too? Why yes, but indulge us, please. B2C or B2B, systems software, middleware, application software, SAAS, Mobile Apps... you probably get the idea.
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